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Territorial inhalations

Action in public space/ Interactive installation

The urban territory inhales and coexists. It isn´t dystopian anymore and has become a new anthropocenic landscape, which is impregnated with human agents and their products. The pollution present in the atmosphere is the major threat worldwide and the main cause of premature death. The invisible microparticles of suspended gases in the air, cohabit with us and enter to our bodies just as quick and natural as we breathe.

Territorial inhalations is based on the capture of these particles through a backpack with extractors and sheets of biomaterials (mycelium) which work as filters. This device is used for drifts in Buenos Aires City and in surrounding areas.  The used filters get different gray colorations because of the capture of the microparticles of gases, and were used to do a contemporary cyanometer (instrument made up in S.XIX for measuring "blueness", specifically the colour intensity of blue sky). In this one, we can know the grayness and how gray the sky could be because of air pollution.

Cyanometer made with the mycelium sheets after the drifts through the cities


What is a cyanometer?

It was an instrument for measuring "blueness", specifically the colour intensity of blue sky. It was invented by the scientist Horace Bénédict de Saussure in 1789, and it was used by the naturalist Alexander von Humboldt

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