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Author: Ana Laura Cantera

Director: Mariela Yeregui

supervision in Montreal: Ricardo Dal Farra

The thesis was made to access to the Master´s degree en Technology and Aesthetics of Electronic Arts, at National University of Tres de Febrero,Argentina.


The thesis focuses on the relationships that take place between Nature and Man in the field of Electronic Arts and sustainable development. I manage this subject, considering the active and central role played by nature when it is inserted into artworks, questioning and making a conceptual turning point in the anthropocentric thinking. From this approach, I propose calling co-creations to these art projects that are made by Man together with Nature, where the inclusion of living beings modifies, determines and contributes the development of the artwork. From this point of horizontal view, I am interested in rescue the transdisciplinary factors that are constituted as crucial in the moment to rethink these kind of art projects: time passing by, the concept of ruins, disappearance, conditioning and death, the contextual determinism, the technological implications of new media, and the action of organic and tiny worlds. All of them, contribute to cross the aesthetic boundary and to be in contact with the functionality, allowing in a sustainable way, to create a space of inquiring, not only as merely artistic.

Keywords: Art, Nature, microorganisms and bacteria, time passing by, horizontality, ruins, sustainability, functionality, evolution, energy.

Link to download

(The thesis is in Spanish).

Other publications 

Revising systems art: biological time and the ethics of care, en Decolonizing Science in Latin American Art.  Joanna Page. UCL Press.  University College London, 2021

Practicas co-creativas.  Decolonizar la Naturaleza.
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Diálogos a-sublimes.  Mariela Yeregui.    Estéticas de los mundos posibles: inmersión en la vida artificial, las artes y las prácticas urbanas. Editora Ileana Hernández Garcia.  Bogotá: Editorial Pontificia Universidad Javeriana (Colección Estética Contemporánea), 2016.


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