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Mycelium and biomaterial lab 

 Mycocrea  is a plataform of researching and a creation lab which works with  biocomposites. We work under the design-biology-sustainability triad from the principles of the circular economy, and we specialize in cultivated  design with mycelium (fungus) and urban waste. 


Geohifas is a project of thermal and acoustic insulating panels made of  mushroom mycelium. They are made using the cultivated design technique.


The material is fully compostable and the colors are generated while the material is alive from oxidation processes. Each module can be combined in different ways to create different patterns.


With the support of 

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Other productions

Education and workshops

Some registers of  workshop at MIT -Massachusetts Institute of Technology,  TEDxRiodelaplata, Catamarca Futuro, Ekospace, and Baikal.

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