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Last exhibitions

Biomaterial traces
Centro Cultural Recoleta. Buenos Aires,  ARGENTINA - 2022




NEXT: Post-nature
Fundación Telefónica Movistar. VENEZUELA. 2021




Factors 8.0 - Bienal Sur
 Festival of Art, Science and Technology.  Labart - UFSM. Rio Grande do Sur, BRAZIL. 2021




110° National Contest of Visual Arts
CCK. Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA -2022




Facto 9 - Bienal Sur
Festival of Art, Science and Technology.  Labart - UFSM.
Rio Grande do Sur, BRAZIL. 2022




ZERO1 - Arts and Digital Cultures Festival

Université de La Rochelle, FRANCE - 2022






Science Gallery Bangalore, INDIA - 2023-2024





The Value of a metaphor
Commagene Land and River Art Biennial, TURKEY - 2023





Mundo Funga
Centro Cultural de la Ciencia, Buenos Aires - 2023-2024





Through her lens: testing boudaries in STEAM
Femmes Designers, LONDON - 2023





Bios. Bioart, biotechnology and academy
C3 and Objeto á. Buenos Aires, ,ARGENTINA. 2020




Itaú Foundation Contemporary Art Award. 
Buenos Aires, ,ARGENTINA. 2021




Alien Minds - Print Screen Festival
Cinemateque Holón, Tel Aviv - ISRAEL - 2017      

This exhibition examines our intricate and evolving relationship with the nonhuman. In a series of installations and performances the artists observe, learn, interact, collaborate, control, and embody the microscopic, the animalistic, and the computerized.






Interactivos?16 - Possible worlds. Creative and collaborative uses of digital technologies
Medialab Prado, Madrid - SPAIN - 2016






Kosice Biennial Prize - 4th Edition
Centro Cultural San Martin, Buenos Aires - ARGENTINA 2016
Genesis: dynamics of artificial organisms" was awarded with the 2nd prize in the 4th edition of Biennal Kosice




Museo Alejandro Otero, Caracas, VENEZUELA  - 2014
It was the first individual exhibition of electronic and media arts of Ana Laura Cantera




TADAEX - Tehran Annual Digital Art Exhibition
Nabshi Center,  Tehran - IRAN, 2017




Moving Nature  - International Biennal of Contemporay Art of South America
MUNTREF,  Buenos Aires - ARGENTINA 2017




Digital November
Alianza Francesa,  Buenos Aires - ARGENTINA 2017




FACTORS 4.0 Festival:Art, Science and Technology Festival
UFSM, Santa Maria, BRAZIL - 2017

FACTORS brings together national and foreign artists with a consolidated track record, as well as artists from more recent generations who develop projects in the most different languages in the field of art, science and technology.





ZERO1 - Arts and Digital Cultures Festival
Université de La Rochelle, FRANCE - 2018





LAM 360º Land Art Mongolia Biennial
Mongolian National Art Gallery, Ulaambaatar,  MONGOLIA - 2018





Intersections between Science, Art and Heritage
Centro Cultural de la Ciencia, Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA- 2018





Global Community Bio Summit 3.0
MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston - USA, 2019




Art and Technology Contest -  FNA
CCK, Buenos Aires - ARGENTINA, 2019




Electronic Arts Festival and
Video Transitio_MX 06
Mexico City, MEXICO - 2015
The site specific "Balance nests" was finalist
in the 6th edition of the prize




Untref Award to Electronic Arts
MUNTREF, Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA - 2014
"Flows in cycle" got the 2nd award in the 1st edition of the prize




FAUNA Festival
Ciudad KONEX,  Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA - 2015
"Nidos de equilibrio" was finalist of the FAUNA Award.



Centro Astronómico  Municipal, Rosario, ARGENTINA - 2013




MATECA Arts Festival
Victoria Collegue, Toronto, CANADA - 2013




Campos Alterados
cubo verde - cubo branco
Sao Paulo, BRAZIL  2014




Only one body:
Contemporary Art in MERCOSUR countries.
Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL - 2016
Goias, BRAZIL - 2015
Maracaibo, VENEZUELA - 2014
Caracas, VENEZUELA - 2013/2014
Art & Robotic
Planetario Galileo Galilei, Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA - 2014



FASE 5.0 Metaphors of survival
Centro Cultural Recoleta, Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA - 2014



Metaphors to embrace the world
Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA - 2013


FASE Art and Technology
Centro Cultural Recoleta, Buenos Aires - ARGENTINA, 2012



Con pasión - Paixão & Arte.
Galería Marta Traba, Fundacão Memorial da América Latina, São Paulo, BRAZIL - 2012



Es perene Museu da Mutuca,  Altamira, BRAZIL - 2013



Residencia na Mutuca, Cosmooca, Altamira, BRAZIL - 2013



Poetics of the environment
Quinta Trabuco, Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA - 2013



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