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Yerma  is a 100% compostable biomaterial made from the residue of used yerba mate. It is flexible, resistant and can be both elastic and rigid. It can be sewn, pierced, laser engraved, and it can be used as 3D printer bed.


The sandals were made using Yerma, and were exhibited in 2019 at the MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the  3.0 Global Community Bio Summit, where Cantera also exhibited Displaced (a robotic artwork with yerba mate biomaterials) and at the 3D Fashion Week in Lima.


In 2020, with the  COVID-19 pandemic, the Biomask project for couples dancing in the  pandemic was carried out with the mate leather, as a way of proposing a degradable mask for tango dancers. This project was carried out as part of the team of National University of Tres de Febrero (UNTREF)

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Creative Commons recipes : in you can find two different recipes to develop:

Yerba mate bioplastic

Yerba mate blown bioplastic 

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