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Robotícula (Ana Laura Cantera &  Demian Ferrari)

Displaced is a robotic art installation about disaster displacements. The artwork is a robot bioinspired in the legs of a southern lapwing, a local bird of Argentina. It works like a symbol of migrant species (animals in general including humans) because of ecological, political, or social conflicts such as floods, deforestation, fires, devastation of habitats, hunger, wars, among others. The robot is a resilient organism, which walks drifting in new territories, knowing them, and taking their characteristics, leaving behind their history and routine, and having to adapt to the new changes to survive. It tries to avoid threats, and therefore it distances itself from the humans who led it to its reterritorialization.  Its walk is forced, difficult, but constant. It tries to adapt to the new habitat and conditions.

The robot´s structure is printed in 3d and the skin was made with different types of biodegradable biomaterials made of cornstarch and local fibers as yerba mate (an Argentinian herb that can be drunk), blacks beans, beetroot, human hair, and kombucha (symbiotic fermentation of sugared tea using a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast.

Displaced   won the 1st Prize ITAU Robotic Art Category, 2019/2020 (Concurso ITAU a las Artes Visuales, categoría Arte Robótico) .

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