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Bioelectronic artist, researcher, and professor. She is currently a PhD candidate in Arts and Techno-aesthetics at UNTREF. She has a Master degree in Electronic Arts at Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero, a Bachelor degree in Fine Arts at Universidad Nacional de las Artes (UNA) and a degree as Art Teacher in the same university. In her artistic productions she works with the concepts of natures, territories and horizontal entanglements with non-human organisms from decolonial perspectives. She is developer and creator of biomaterials, specialized in grown designs from mushroom mycelium. Recently, she received the Global Community Bio Fellows fellowship at MIT, the ELAP Emerging Leaders in the Americas Program (Concordia University-Montreal) and the First Prize Itaú in Robotic Arts category. She works as professor in the Master in Technology and Aesthetics of Electronic Arts, in the Diploma in Environmental Humanities in the intersection between Art and Technology at UNTREF, and in the Specialization of Sociology of Design, at Buenos Aires University. She has exhibited her arworks in Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Canadá, Mexico, Irán, Israel, Mongolia, France, Spain, USA, India, Turkey, among others.

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