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Utopian reconstitutions

Collaboration: Demian Ferrari
Sound and fungal installation

At present, the Amazon rainforest is facing the onslaught of deforestation and climate change, and more and more empty areas can be observed due to the devastation of vegetation for industrial purposes. The importance of the Amazonian biome lies in the regulation of the climate not only at the level of South America but also in the whole world, reason why the Amazon is a very important forest to guarantee the stability of the global climate.

This installation is made of organic containers with geometric morphologies of deforested areas of the Amazon Jungle, observed by flights and tracked by GPS. They are generated by mycelium, the network of hyphae that constitutes the vegetative body of the fungi, made and induced by controlled conditions and electronic devices using GIY  (Grow It Yourself) techniques.

The containers have different organic substrates and seeds inside that  allow the growth of hyphaes and some little plants that fill the empty parts of the objetcs and complete the metaphorical reconstitution of the gaps of the jungle.

Each container has sensors and electronic devices (temperature, humidity, presence and others) that detects the changes in the conditions of each container (when vegetal and fungi life starts growing), and activates random and discontinuous sonorities (each container reproduces a different track of audios extracted in situ, with variabilities according to the digital data collected).  They show the diversity of animal life living inside the jungle environment of Amazon region of Manaus, Brazil.

As the installation will involve several containers, and in different stages of development, the sonority will be progressive and according to how plants and fungis appear in each one.

The installation will be constituted as a metaphor of the habitat manipulation by Man from a reversible poetic aspect: on the one hand, the artwork starts with the empty parts of the amazon landscape generated by economic exploitation. But on the other hand, through the same action of nature, and mediated by the same species that destroys it, these geometric spaces are reconstituted. This will produce a natural regeneration.

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